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Does the thought of investing in a healthy lifestyle make you break out in a cold sweat? Or are you worried that getting in shape might actually cost you a small fortune in membership fees?  Well, the truth is that having good health and an active lifestyle isn’t a luxury that only the rich can afford.

So be it you, me or even the nasi lemak pakcik (who quite frankly, is already in better shape than most of his customers) down the street, everyone can stay fit and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The journey towards becoming a fitter, faster and stronger you isn’t something that can be accomplished overnight, but read on to find out how a healthy lifestyle can even help you save money in the future!

1. You’ll save money by eating healthy.

To enjoy a truly healthy lifestyle, you’re going to need to take steps in order to keep your diet in good shape too. Being fit isn’t only just about how far you can run or how many weights you can lift. Think about it, after hitting the gym day after day, isn’t spending money on late-night snacks a huge waste of all your time and effort?

The last we checked, fast food wasn’t getting any cheaper and buying fresh ingredients is the healthier and cheaper alternative. So make it a point to get into the habit of preparing your own regular home-cooked meals and bring them along with you. Or you could even invite your friends over for a meal to show off your cooking skills instead of going out to an expensive restaurant! 

2. You’ll kick all of your bad habits.

Staying fit requires a LOT of discipline, hard work and sacrifice. But fear not, you’ll also be getting rid of unhealthy habits like smoking cigarettes! After all, it’s been proven that long-term smoking causes heart disease, lung cancer, diabetes and many other diseases. Plus with vice taxes causing cigarette prices to go up every year, this is one expensive ’habit’ that makes no sense at all.

Imagine this, a smoker who smokes a pack a day (RM17) spends up to RM6,205 a year alone on cigarettes. So if you’re looking for more reasons to quit smoking and lead a healthy lifestyle, think about what you could do with all that money!

3. You’ll spend less on transport.

It’s the bane of every Malaysian’s existence and yet every year, we spend thousands of Ringgit shuttling back and forth from home to the office, getting caught in traffic jams and looking for parking in shopping malls. You’d think there was a better way to go about this transportation problem – oh wait, there actually is!

The solution of course, is to make walking and public transportation an important part of your daily routine. It’s easy! Take the stairs, walk to the store, park and ride on the LRT or walk to your office from the bus station. If you’re keen enough, you can even start cycling to work. Not only will you be saving money on petrol and parking, you’ll also be burning extra calories on your daily commute!

4. You’ll pay less for insurance or medical bills.

Remember how the insurance application forms get you to declare all your personal details, like your weight, types of illnesses or allergies that you might have? Well that’s because the insurance providers want to know what the chances of your falling sick are, so they can calculate the insurance premium and coverage.

Which basically means the healthier you are, the less your insurance premium will cost and the more insurance coverage you will receive. So when it comes to medical bills, you’ll also be saving more money as you’re less likely to fall sick!

5. You’ll have more fun for less money!

One of the highlights of leading a healthy lifestyle is having the freedom to pursue your favourite activities and spend time with your loved ones. Feeling bored at the gym? Go for a run with your friends! Want to go hiking in Bukit Gasing? It’s still cheaper than a night out in the clubs! Don’t fancy the latest superhero movie? Sign up for parkour classes on KFit with your family. There are so many fun and healthy activities out there for you to choose from and some of them are even free!

What do you think? There are tons of benefits to leading a healthy lifestyle and always remember, all it takes is that first step to get you started! is dedicated to raising financial literacy in Malaysia and helping Malaysians save time and money with our free and comprehensive online comparison tools for personal loans, credit cards and broadband plans!

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