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Being frugal is a good habit to have to keep your budget – and savings – in check, especially in light of the current economy. However, just like everything else, there are the good and bad sides to being frugal – one of the bad sides to it is when it concerns your fitness routine.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for finding the best deals and saving money, but some things are not worth going cheap for – and that includes your health and fitness, obviously.

1. Earphones

Love listening to music while working out? Invest on a good pair of earphones – preferably waterproof ones. Trust us on this. Your workout playlist means nothing if the audio is bad and it keeps distracting you from your workout. Oh and if you’re looking for free music, we highly recommend you check out the Workout playlist on Spotify! 

2. Shoes

If you’re one of those cheapskates who use an old pair of Converse sneakers for your workouts, shame on you! Sure, they may look cool, but they’re not designed to provide the comfort and support you need when you’re hitting the treadmill or working out. 

Invest in a solid pair of workout shoes – be it running or training shoes – to save your feet from the blisters they don’t deserve. Moreover, good workout shoes do so much more than just look good on your feet; they provide ample support for your back and protect you against injuries.

3. Sports bra

Ladies, wearing 2 layers of cheap padded sports bras is seriously NOT the solution and it will never be. Not only are you not getting the proper support, it’s going to hurt very, very much after you work out for long periods of time. So if you can invest hundreds on that super chic handbag, you can definitely invest in some quality sport bras.

4. Sports equipment

Bicycles, dumb bells, stretch bands, yoga mats, rackets, treadmills, you name it. Never EVER skimp on the equipment used for your workouts. Cheap equipment may not be as safe or durable and the last thing you want is to fall flat on your face or seriously injure yourself just because you decided to be stingy. So don’t ever compromise on quality, because it’s just not worth in the long run.

5. Workout apparel

We’ve got one word that describes everybody’s worst workout nightmare – CHAFING. Even though all of us have heard of ‘no pain, no gain’, this is even worse than blisters! It can occur literally everywhere on your body especially on your shoulders, inner thighs, under arms and anywhere where your skin rubs against loose fabric.

If you don’t want to end up with painful, raw and sometimes bleeding patches of skin, invest in good quality workout clothes that dry quickly and fit you well. If you do get blisters, try applying Vaseline on the affected areas before you begin your workout.

6. Healthy food

After a long workout session at the gym, you’re having a bowl of Maggi for dinner? Seriously? Don’t let all your hard work go to waste, eat healthy – even if it is a little bit more costly than a pack of instant noodles.

Besides, eating healthy goes a long way for your health – and figure. There are plenty of healthy foods that don’t cost a bomb such as fresh vegetables, eggs, chicken, oats and fruits. You don’t have to go all fancy and organic, just keep it fresh and eat clean.

7. Nutritional supplements

If you think you’re saving money by buying cheap or discounted over-the-counter supplements, you’re SO wrong. Supplements are essentially extra nutrients and vitamins that you take to boost your health and maintain your general well-being – do you really want to skimp on the things you put in your body? You are what you eat so we highly suggest you speak to a qualified nutritionist then get their advice on which high quality supplements suit you best.

8. Gym membership

There are tons of gyms out there that offer their memberships at slashed prices, but those are normally the little known gyms that are trying to fish in some new members. But hey, some of us are a little commitment shy or simply just don’t want to fork out cash for expensive gym memberships.

So go on a trial period for a few days – or even weeks – before making your decision. Alternatively, you can sign up for KFit and take your pick of any participating fitness centres or classes that are happening nearby you!

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