We had the chance to chat with Sarah, an avid KFitter who finished the Osaka Marathon 2015. We hope she inspires you to start an active and healthy lifestyle too.

When did you start working out as part of your daily routine and become your current athletic self?

I started running casually with a group of friends 4 years ago. Eventually, it became a regular meet up and I myself started working out more and more too. It happened naturally and I got addicted to the adrenaline and endorphins. Since then, I can’t not work out. #nevernottraining

What workout or sport do you do, and how often?

I go running, do yoga and attend Boot Camp as my regular workout. I keep things interesting by cross-training and trying out new workouts too.

Your belief/motto in living actively?

Be healthy for the unhealthy – HaHaHa this one is a joke but kind of true! Be as healthy as you can, spare the “unhealthy” quota for special occasions! (Feasting, drinking, etc.)
Be yourself – It’s not only about the journey of self-discovery in leading a consistently active life, it’s also about competing with no one but yourself. Some run faster, some run slower, we just need to learn the fact that everyone’s different, no one is better than yourself. This does not only apply to workouts but everything we encounter in life.

How did you prepare for your Osaka Run?

By running of course. I run twice a week (mid to long distance) and do yoga 3 to 4 times a week to strengthen my muscles and to learn more about body alignment; which is also very important for runners. I enjoyed the KFit session at Yoga Union & My Fitness. They’re great !

Did you have a special diet in preparation for the run?

I don’t usually like rice but I started eating rice at every meal. I became very conscious about consuming carbs.

Did you encounter any special moments during the marathon you would like to share with us?

I cried in the middle of the marathon, not because I was in pain, but for the passion and kindness of all the spectators along the whole course. They supported all of us in the most selfless way ever, which moved me to tears.IMG_2791

What did you treat yourself to post-run?

I feasted on good food and wine for sure! I also treated myself to massages and yoga like Aroma therapy at Balance Health  to restore and rejuvenate my body. It was super soothing.

What’s next on your marathon list? 

I will be doing a triathlon race in Taiwain, in April 2016. Stay tuned!


Thank you Sarah for your time!  We will see you around running and KFitting.

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