Always gaining weight after a vacation? Let the travel experts tell you how to stay fit on your vacation

Vacation weight gain is always a ‘thing’ for us to stress over and feel guilty about. It is easy to let our training routine to get ‘disturbed’ by the travel itinerary. So, here’s how to stay fit on vacation.

Plan a short & simple workout routine

Be self discipline and stick with the planned workout routine is very hard, especially in vacation mood. Thus it is important to plan a simple and short fitness routine before hand and stick it onto your to do list. Try to squeeze in some simple exercises (e.g. push ups, squats or burpees) at the start of the day. Don’t do it before sleep or after your day, as you might feel exhausted and then procrastinate your exercises. You know what I mean. As the training or the workout routing is short. You can always remind yourself, it is just a 5 minutes workout & keep yourself motivated with ‘gonna stay fit in 5 mins’ slogan.

Focus on one exercise

Pick one of the any exercises and focus on it. Do 4 – 5 sets of the workout and cut short your rest interval into 20 – 30 seconds. Thus it make the exercise simple and easy to stick with, without ‘stuffing’ too much of different exercises into your head. Stuffed too much varieties of exercises on the short workout routine might make it more difficult to stick with as it is easy to demotivating our own-self and procrastinate.

Bring your fitness gear with you

Pack your gym clothes at the top of your luggage or suitcase will help to keep exercise as your first thought.  Bringing portable gym equipment will make you more likely to workout too, as portable gym equipment normally increase your flexibility to workout, as you no need to a huge space or a legit gym or studios to workout . Some gears that you can pack with you when you travel are a jump rope, resistance bands and a travel yoga mat.

Eat smart

Food is your biggest obstacle when it comes to keeping fit. Overindulging in local cuisine is inevitable, but try and keep a balanced meal.  Make healthier choices when ordering food, stay away from overly processed food and sugary drinks. Have a travel friendly water bottle when you travel. Staying hydrated is important too when you are travelling especially in hot and humid conditions.

Use the hotel gym and pool

Most hotels have a pool and a gym, so go for swim or run. Fit in a 20-minute cardio session if you don’t have time for a full-on workout routine. Hotel pools and gyms are a great way to squeeze in a workout while travelling. Good news is ZEN Rooms is currently having a promotion. Thus, it makes staying fit on vacation easy. 

Taking up a class

Dropping into a local fitness studio and taking up a class is a great way to keep fit while travelling. Many of times, first-time visits are free or discounted. There are also web apps that allow you to book classes with fitness studios through memberships or individual purchases while you travel. From yoga, kickboxing, gym, dance, massages, you can choose from hundreds of activities daily at KFIT, GuavaPass & Class Pass


Till next time, stay fit.

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