A little bit about our first Brand Ambassador for KFit Australia – LITTLE MISS MELBOURNE!

The thing I love most about KFit is:

With an ‘always on’ work-life schedule and zero routine, KFit helps me fit in classes that support my health and wellbeing goals at a day and time that suits me best. I love that it’s literally at my fingertips to help me find more balance.

The KFit classes and activities I’m most excited about are:

There’s a huge range of yoga classes available and I’m excited about advancing my yogi skills and strength. I’m super excited about the Infrared Sauna, Aerial Yoga, Reformer Pilates and VIBE (a 10 minute session apparently equates to a 1 hour workout – sign me up!) and hope to try a barre pilates soon too.

My daily rituals are:

Even when traveling, I’m addicted to starting each day with a large glass of hot lemon water and a delicious green smoothie after a brisk walk outside to get the body and the mind cranking. I tend to get adrenal fatigue and chronic insomnia so it’s important to also get yoga or other low impact exercise into my day for strength, wellbeing and mental time out – KFit is helping me get more of that.

I am inspired by:

I’m inspired and determined to find the elusive balance in life and what that looks like for me, while hoping to inspire others to do the same. I believe in life by design and that’s really about exploring what works for you and what makes you the happiest, healthiest version of you.

To keep fit and moving forward I:

I’ve made a commitment to myself to work smarter so I have more fit time and downtime. Class and calendar bookings through the KFit mobile app means that it’s locked in and I’m more likely to schedule things around this rather than the other way around.  

The best piece of advice I’ve received is:

Be kind to you.

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