A little bit about our newest Auckland Brand Ambassador- Sam Bluemel!

The thing I love most about KFit is:

The variety! It gives someone new to a fitness routine the chance to try out every different type of exercise there is, allowing them to figure out exactly what works for them, their schedule  and their body. This is so important in finding something that sticks.

The KFit classes and activities I’m most exctied about are: For me it’s got to be the fun summer activities that I’m going to hit up on my weekends here in Auckland! Cycling, roller blading and paddle boarding all stood out to me, and anything else that gets my adventurous spirit out and into the sunshine.

My daily rituals are:

Morning exercise key to every week day, I train at 6.30am with my group of Booty Campers or a running buddy. Big breaky full of protein, then a full day of work (I’ve got more than one role going on right now). After work it’s either a second workout that’s more fun and relaxed like a class with friends (will definitely be seeing KFit for this from now on) or a casual dinner, maybe a glass of wine, and an early night.

I am inspired by:

So much! But standing out to me right now are female business leaders who aren’t afraid to chase their dreams and create something amazing.

To keep fit and moving forward I:

ALWAYS schedule my workouts ahead for the week so I can keep my target in mind and prioritise accordingly. Workout with a buddy who keeps me accountable, and I check in with my body daily to see how it’s feeling.

The best piece of advice I’ve received is: Anything is possible.


The person I’d most like to KFit with is:

My younger sisters, who at 13 & 16 could get a lot out of the fun fitness activities available!


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