We had the chance to have a chat with Grace the Founder and CEO of i Dance, Hong Kong. Inspired by the need to have a top notch dance school in Hong Kong coupled with her passion to see people lead a healthier lifestyle, i Dance was born.

Tell us about yourself and your studio

My name is Grace and I am the founder & CEO of i Dance. I established the first i Dance branch in 2009. Now we have 4 branches in different locations with more than 30,000 members in Hong Kong. And we are providing over 1600 dance classes per month for our members in Ballroom dance, Belly dance, Bollywood dance, Contemporary dance, Latin dance, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Zumba and more!

What’s your favourite breakfast food?

Bananas! They are rich in different nutrients and they can help me in stabilizing my blood sugar, enabling me to think more clear at work and delighting my mood. Also eating banana before workout packed me with more energy. They are in fact my all-time favorite food.

What would you recommend for someone who wanted to workout with their friends?

Many researches have proven that people who exercise with a partner will be more motivated and get better results. I really recommend dancing for friends who wanted to work out together. It does not only provide you exercise and fun, but also help in developing stronger bonding and better cooperation.

Who is your fitness inspiration/idol? What’s your favourite fitness inspiration quote?

My favorite fitness inspiration quote is “I Dance I Change.”  It is also our company motto and the belief behind which lead us along these six years. Deep in my heart, I truly believe in dancing as a sport does not only help people in enhancing their health, but also their creativity, social skills, which help them to express their inside talent, turning impossible to possible.  A lot of our members have already incarnated this wonderful experience. Don’t hesitate, come and start dancing! i Dance I Change.

To book a class at iDance Studio, Choose a KFit class in Kwun Tong, Mei Foo or Quarry Bay. Try their signature class i Dance (Get Slim & Have Fun) or the Tummy & Hips Burning Class. 

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