Have you tried the Power Plate as part of your fitness routine? We had a chat with Natasha from PowerWork Studio Singapore and she explains to us how adding a Power Plate session into a busy schedule can do wonders. Natasha also shares some bite size advice on leading a healthier lifestyle so do read till the end.

Tell us about yourself

I used to be an accountant, but I started getting out of shape with the long working hours and sumptuous entertainment we had. So I started to work out with weights and run. But these workouts took up too much time, having to juggle work life and caring for my 2 young kids. I then discovered Power Plate and the rest is history.

How have consumer behaviours regarding fitness changed in the last 3 years?

People are now venturing out of traditional workouts and exercises like running, swimming and weightlifting. People are more apt to trying new exercise programs and machines like the Power Plate. There is also a movement towards instructed training.

How do you see the future of fitness evolving?

People now know the benefits of fitness but are too tired or busy to stick to high volume training. They are also unsure of how to go about doing it the proper way. So, the direction forward should be supervised low volume high-intensity training. The Power Plate training program fits the description.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to transition to a healthier lifestyle + start working out?

I go by the 3 Ds : Watch your DIET! Eat like a Caveman: Meat, Vegetables and FruitBe DYNAMIC! Train like a Caveman: High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Maintain DISCIPLINE! Keep to your exercise routine and diet.

What does your daily diet look like?

Breakfast is usually yoghurt with Chia seeds, Raw oats and fresh fruits. For lunch I eat anything but try to keep it low on carbs. Dinner is usually home cooked Chinese food with no carbs

What are three things you wish some of your customers knew?

Never tomorrow, always do it TODAY! We can never burn enough calories, so be conscious! and lastly what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger !!

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