While the gym is mainly used as our workout haven, there’s no doubt that the people that frequent the place are one of the highlights (or low points) of any gym session. Here’s a look at 11 types of people you may meet on a typical day at the gym.

1. The guy who doesn’t clean up after using equipment

“I left it there for good luck!” (pic from buzzfeed.com)

2. The 10-second hero

Pretty self explanatory (pic from buzzfeed.com)

3. The shortcut takers

“It’s for the support” (pic from mandatory.com)

4. The “Mad Scientist”

“Maybe I’ll try using the leg machine with my hands next!” (pic from buzzfeed.com)

5. The try hards (and try harders)

Imagine he’s 25 years older, and with 10 more weights on each side (pic from funnyjunk.com)

6. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fittest lad of all?”

My self-esteem needs a workout too! (pic from dailymail.co.uk)

7. The unfortunate first-timer who doesn’t know what is what


8. The guy who forgot leg day

Check out my guns bro, but ignore the holster (pic from collegehumor.com)

9. The unpersonal trainer

(pic from memecrunch.com)

10. I work out better without my shirt on…

“People tell me I look like Ryan Gosling.” *crickets (pic from popsugar.com)

11. The machine hog

What other types of people do you regularly encounter at the gym? Share your experiences with us here!


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