We’ve compiled our favourite 6 #fitspiration Instagram accounts for you guys to check out.



You don’t have to be part of #kaylasarmy to bask in Kayla’s amazing energy! Not only does the beautiful Aussie fitness queen have amazing workouts to follow, she posts up progress shots of her clients and it is absolutely awesome!



It’s always good to have good nutrition to compliment your workout regime. Follow this account for an extensive, carefully-curated list of food to meet your nutrition goals. Beware: Approach with caution – extreme hunger may follow after viewing!



It is amazing to see how much women can achieve if they put their minds to it! This account features strong women from all over the world with all types of toned bodies to make you realise that not everyone is built the same.



Crazy workouts with perfect techniques, all wrapped up in 15 second videos. Get ready to shed fat and get your BEAST mode on!




A couple that works out together… stays fit together! Follow this powerhouse couple of their journey through fitness together.


Follow the inspiring story of a girl who has used fitness to overcome dysphoria.


By Sarah Voon

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