The internet can be overwhelming when searching for a way to start your fitness journey. With countless diets and workout routine, starting your fitness journey can be scary. Here is a basic guide to help you start your fitness journey.

Measuring your progress

One important step in getting on your fitness journey is tracking your progress. Before and after pictures are so crucial, we don’t realize how much our body is changing when we look at it every single day in the mirror. When you take pictures a month apart, you can see this huge difference that you would have not noticed otherwise. Another way to track your progress is using a measuring tape. Whip out that measuring tape and measure around your self; your waist, your bust and your hips; anywhere you want to minimize or grow muscle. There is so much more to your body than your weight. Using a scale wont be able to tell you how much of a difference your body is changing. Muscle has more density than fat, and so you could potential lose or gain weight, or not see any result in your weight due to muscle gain.


Setting goals

Goals are important in you fitness journey is to set goals. Get a pen and paper, whiteboard, you phone, whatever it is you need to set goal, grab it now and note down your goals, make them visible. Make your goals something you are able to perform in the form of action. Instead of setting a goal of “ I want lose 10 kg in 1 month”, set your goals as, “I am going to drink more water everyday” or “I am going to go for a run and get some cardio workout in my routine at least 3 times a week” or “I am going to sign up for a workout classes. Make your goals concrete, the more concrete your goals are the easier they will be to follow. Start small, it could be changing your diet by switching out you sodas for water everyday, and slowly build up a diet that works for you.


Suiting your lifestyle

Do your research! There are a lot of workout regimes, tips and trick on how to get in shape online and in the media. Research and find what suits your body and lifestyle the best for your fitness journey. This will be more sustainable in the long term. Fast diet and exercise regimes can help you lose the weight quickly. Having a consistence diet and lifestyle will help you keep the weight off and help you keep in shape.


Create a schedule

Create a schedule; figure out what days of the week are easiest for your fitness journey. Plan a workout that is easy for you to follow. When you put it into a schedule, your workout becomes part of your routine.


Count your calories

And last but now least, counting your calories and count your macros. Look at the nutritional value on your meals and drinks. A lot of health foods out there labelled as healthy, can just be filled with a lot of sugar and not much nutritional value. Many fast food companies serve food with empty calories, meaning the do not have any nutritional value. Don’t just count your calories, count your macros as well.



Hope this is a good starting place for your fitness journey.


Stay motivated!

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