If you’re single (even if you’re not) chances are you have had some kind of experience with the time wasting joy that is Tinder – be it on your phone or one of your friends’.

As part of a new brand ambassador role that I’ve accepted with glee, I’ve swapped Tinder for a different kind of social app that’s proving to be vastly more enjoyable.

That’s right, it’s official: KFit is more fun than Tinder.

The new fitness app taking the world by storm, KFit is not only more fun than Tinder, it’s also amazingly more healthy and much better at getting you off the couch – without even the need for makeup. Winning!

Similar to Tinder, KFit is a location based app which means you can pick up a class or a gym/studio from hundreds around the metro area based on a location search. Also like Tinder you can reduce your distance search so you can get hot and sweaty at a KFit partner that’s closest to you. There’s stacks of classes to choose from like rock climbing, tae kwon do, yoga, barre pilates, PT, bowling, interpretive dance, the list goes on. Unlike Tinder, there’s sure to be something for everyone without the risk of ever getting bored. Not to mention a much higher success rate…

Once you’ve signed up as a KFit member, you simply flick through a few classes before landing on one that looks right for you, book it in, add it to the calendar on your phone (oh so handy!) and it’s a date!

The ALL ACCESS membership grants you entry to all of the KFit partners right across Melbourne, Sydney and soon to be Perth, all for $69 a month making it one very convenient and cost effective gym membership.

And who knows; you might just bump into someone who takes your fancy.  

By: Little Miss Melbourne
Brand Ambassador – KFit Australia

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