Who is WPN Activewear?

The ultimate activewear for men. Combining style, performance and comfort. The first Australian company to feature IceSkin™ technology.

WPN believe that through innovative design, engineering and technology they can help athletes to perform at the highest level and become the person they aspire to be. Last year, WPN. launched a brand exclusively for men that combined sophisticated design with technical innovation to create high quality, fashion forward active wear. They noticed that in today’s market the variety of active wear available exclusively for women is endless, whilst options for men are seriously lacking. So they made it their mission to build a brand for guys that want something different, something cool and exclusive. To create apparel that was super functional but looked amazing. Gear you can wear straight from your workout onto the street that looks stylish.

The Science of IceSkin Technology

WPN Apparel

WPN Active Wear  do not compromise. The fabrics and overall construction speaks for itself. Perfect for everything from general workouts to the most intensive training, they pride themselves on producing a next level product that will keep you at the top of your game. They’re positive that the individuals that wear WPN will agree that the quality speaks for itself wash after wash, workout after workout.

Featuring hi-tech fabric and world-class construction, you can be assured that WPN’s fabric will assist you throughout your workout and in the recovery stages. WPN believe the performance in design, combined with trademark style will help you gain the edge you need to excel in all aspects of your workout.

These defining features will enable athletes to stay cooler, drier and perform at an optimum level.

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