If your office is the type that allows you to wear whatever you like to work, then lucky you. But for the rest of us who need to dress at least semi-professionally, sometimes it can be a hassle to bring extra gym clothes for that after-work fitness class.

1. Yoga pants

Just make sure they’re full length and in a basic colour like black or grey and you’re good to go! Betabrand, a brand that makes versatile clothing, has dress yoga pants that are popular with the working crowd.

group of smiling women doing sit ups in the gym

2. Long tunic

Wear this for that after-work yoga class.


3. Loose, flowy tank

Just make sure to throw on a blazer or cardigan over it and you will definitely be able to get away with it.


4. Leggings

You might just be able to get away with them if they’re the right cutting and if you pair it with a loose blouse on top and high heels. But stick to darker hues like navy blue or even a deep maroon.


5. Plain black sneakers

You could pull this one off if they didn’t have neon laces holding them together.


6. Sports bra

Because who can tell what’s under your blouse anyway!

underarmour7. Slouchy t-shirt

Tucked into a high-waisted skirt and accessorized with a statement necklace, no one would be the wiser.


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