Are you hitting the gym everyday, taking yoga classes and still not seeing results. These small steps can help you lose weight and get healthier along the way.

Eat in small portions

Use small plates and bowls during your meals. Eating from a small plate or bowl helps control your portion. It is an effective way to lose weight. It is a great method for not overeating. Keep your meals small and take 4 to 6 meals throughout the day instead of 3 big meals. 

Use very little vegetable oil in your cooking

Using vegetable oil in you cooking is a much healthier option than using butter and will help you lose weight. Vegetable oils contain healthy unsaturated fats. Use vegetable oil in small amounts in your cooking. 

Don’t eat until you are completely full

Eat till you are almost full, or till you hunger is satisfied. The eating habit of eating till you are about 80% full come from china. This practice helps you control your food intake which results in weight lose

Have your meals with hot or warm drink

Cold drinks slow down your metabolism and digestion, which lead to weight gain. Switching out your cold drinks with hot or warm drinks will help with bloating and stomach aches.
Take your meals with warm water, hot tea or even hot soup. This is an effective way to lose weight

Eat more grains

Grains are a good source of complex carbohydrates. Grains are high in fiber, which results in you feeling full and satisfied. Instead of indulging on processed, carbs like pastas, bread and pizza, switch out your carb for whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, barley. Incorporate more grans into your diet if you want to lose weight

Eat less meat

Red meat is dense in calories, and so cutting out red meats, cuts down on your calorie intake. 
A high protein diet will result in weight gain, and so cutting out meats can help shed those unwanted pounds and lose weight

Take less dairy

Dairy is poorly digested in our bodies and it slows your metabolism down. Slowly your metabolism down results in weight gain. Try drinking your coffee and tea without milk in it or try other milk alternatives like, soy milk or almond milk. Cutting down on dairy products has helped me significantly lose weight personally. 

Snack on fruits 

Snack on fruits instead of cookies, chip or fried finger food when you get the munchies. Fruits have fewer calories compared to processed snacks and they come packed with other nutrients and vitamins. Fruits are a great alternative to snacks if you want to lose weight
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