Ramadhan is here! It’s the time for Muslims around the world to introspect and to fight temptations. Not to mention, fast from sunrise to sundown. So to help out, we’ve listed down 5 things you should also “fight” this Ramadhan to make the Holy Month easier for you.

Not Working Out

Too many times we hear stories of people losing strength and muscle mass, and stories of people gaining weight (it actually happens!) during Ramadhan. Though it may be tough for the first few days, you should still make it a habit to plan a workout routine for the Holy Month. Take inspiration from famous Muslim athletes like Mesut Ozil and Muhammad Salah. With the right mindset, the human body can achieve anything!

Working Out Too Much

With that being said, your fitness should be something that happens in the background, as this month is dedicated to spiritual and mental connectedness. You should focus on examining your own thoughts and feelings. Also, working out too much will be too strenuous on your body unless your goal is endurance, then go for it!

Not Drinking Enough Water

60% of our body is made of water. So ideally, we need to drink loads of it to stay hydrated. 2.5 litres to be exact. On top of that, water helps to cleanse our body of all the toxins which goes hand in hand with fasting because when we fast we are also ridding ourselves of the toxins. Also, avoid foods high in sodium during iftar or sahur because sodium makes you dehydrated.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

6-8 hours is the recommended amount of sleep you need in a day. Too little and you will lose alertness and concentration. Sleep too much and you’ll just be lazy and unproductive. Coupled with the lack of food and water during the day, not getting enough sleep can be gravely detrimental to your mental and physical health. Naps are okay as long as you keep them under an hour and follow the No-Naps-After-5pm-Rule. (We made that rule up, but it works!)

Eating Too Much Fried/Processed Foods

Too much of a good thing is bad for you. Too much of a bad thing is just evil. While we condone seeking pleasure in the little things such as eating what you want after fasting for 12 hours, we can’t help but disagree when it comes to fried/processed foods. You can indulge in SOME good fried chicken but too much will leave you feeling lethargic afterwards. And be sure to eat lots of fruits and veges for a balanced diet. Moderation is key here.

From everyone at KFit, we wish you a blessed Ramadan – stay tuned for more on our Ramadan series.

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