Not drinking enough water before a morning run, sweating a ton at the gym, forgetting a water bottle to sip during spin class, and steamy temps are surefire ways to put us on a path to dehydration doom. For most average exercisers and athletes, sports drinks can actually worsen the health of most who use them. Less than one percent of those who use sports drinks actually benefit from them. Most sports drinks are loaded with things you DON’T want, like refined sugars, artificial colors, and chemicals.

Coconut water has none of the unwanted additives of sports drinks and is one of the best and safest options to rehydrate yourself after a workout. If you need the electrolytes, it will provide them. If you don’t need them, then it certainly won’t hurt you.

One study in 2007 found sodium-enriched coconut water to be as effective as commercial sports drinks for whole body rehydration after exercise, with less stomach upset.

Products that KFit love and are kind to your body:

Natural Raw C Coconut Water

Natural Raw C straight up coconut water. 100% natural with absolutely no nasties added. Natural Raw C is GMO free & has low natural sugars. As Natural Raw C only sources it’s young green coconuts from one single source your guaranteed to have the same quality product every time. Natural comes in resealable 330ml & 1 Litre. Natural Raw C is part owned by Chef Pete Evans & they are a partner of Australia’s food charity Ozharvest.

Natural Raw C Protein Drink

Australia’s first coconut water with dairy free protein. Using only 100% natural ingredients with no refined sugar, Natural Raw C protein drink with 20grams of protein is the perfect pick me up for people on the go. The ingredients include Natural Raw C coconut water, pea protein, cacao, coconut nectar & natural flavor, bringing you a smooth chocolate tasting drink. Being the first dairy free option on the market means everybody can enjoy this protein drink.

Natural Raw C Energy

Australia’s first coconut water with guarana. Without refined sugar or added nasties, this energy drink with Natural Raw C coconut water, acai & guarana is a great option for those who want a burst of energy without all the nasties of an energy drink.

All products are GMO free, refined sugar free, dairy free & vegan.




*4 Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health Jul 2007

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