While our days are getting busier and our spare time becomes fleeting, we’re constantly searching for ways to smooth our transition from one errand to another. From our morning workout to our afternoon meeting, it’s important for our activewear to look chic & stylish, without compromising on comfort & functionality.

Founded by Australian fashion icon Jodhi Meares, THE UPSIDE’s early ethos laid in establishing a bold brand that catered to sartorially sophisticated and time savvy individuals who led demanding lives but cherished their training. A fitness enthusiast herself, Meares found it difficult to find activewear to support her whilst training but also keep her looking stylish for afternoon meetings. THE UPSIDE was born to fill that void for women and men alike.

Rapidly becoming the go-to label for fashionable sportswear, THE UPSIDE has grown leaps and bounds in the short time since its launch. With a great deal in the works, and exciting seasons ahead, THE UPSIDE continues to demonstrate its significance at the forefront of the activewear industry.

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