Matthew played 102 senior games over 8 years as a professional AFL (Australian Football League) footballer for the Melbourne Demons football club. He is now a certified holistic sports nutrition practitioner with the College of Natural Health, has completed a bachelor and masters of science in holistic sports nutrition, & is currently studying to finish his Ph.D. in holistic sports nutrition. He is also an Author, recently releasing his first book 365 Days of wholeness ( Matt is extremely passionate about educating & guiding people towards a plant-based, alkaline forming diet, that provides the absolute optimum health, & energy, & allows one to experience life with maximum joy.

The thing I love most about KFit is: My favourites would definitely be yoga classes. I love the core strength a flexibility yoga helps you develop, and the positive community it creates.

The KFit classes and activities I’m most exctied about are: For me it’s got to be the fun summer activities that I’m going to hit up on my weekends here in Auckland! Cycling, roller blading and paddle boarding all stood out to me, and anything else that gets my adventurous spirit out and into the sunshine.

My daily rituals are: I go to the gym every morning and get my sweat on whilst listening to some high vibration music. I follow this with a big smoothie full of fruit and coconut water and then i’m ready to launch into my day.

I am inspired by: Challenging myself and improving each and every day.

To keep fit and moving forward I: Always keep my body guessing by changing up my workout routines. I also love to eat clean and see how fit and healthy I can get myself.

The best piece of advice I’ve received is: When you feel good you do good. Life is so much better when you’re fit and healthy, and your mind is so much sharper. Health and fitness should always be the number priority in my mind as without our bodies we are nothing.

The person I’d most like to KFit with is: Definitely my girlfriend as we’d get super competitive and try to beat each other!

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