The importance of self-care, taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

Prioritizing self-care is not selfish. It is in fact great and we should all take the time to care for our mental health.

Whether if its stress, anxiety, of just an empty feeling you get from everything life is throwing towards you, just know that you are going to make it through the day.

Here are some self-care ideas to help you get through those bad days.

Go for a run.

If you are thinking, “no no no not going running nope”, get your lazy ass off the couch and give it a try. Get yourself a jogging buddy who will get you out and running when you need to. Going for a run sends more blood to your brain. It helps you think more clearly. It also elevates your mood. Running outdoors especially, releases endorphins that can cause euphoria. Going for a run is a great self-care method not just for bad days, its something you can do a couple of times a week to help clear your mind and wind down.


Pamper yourself.

Okay I know bubble baths are not very common in Asia, but if you happen to have a bathtub at home, run yourself a bubble bath. A long hot bubble bath is a great self-care method. With a bath bomb dropped in, it is a great way to wind down from a long week or a rough day. Lush bath bomb are a great way to make your baths just a little bit more fun. If you can’t give yourself a bath, its okay, go get some facemasks and give yourself a little pamper session at home. I love the Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask.


Meditating and yoga

Meditating and yoga are great practices for self-care. Headspace is a great app to help you start meditation. Headspace is a guided meditation app and it can help you center yourself and focus on meditating. Its something you can do when you walk up, or before you go to bed when ever it’s convenient for you. In addition to meditation, yoga is great for psychological and emotional healing. Through the KFIT app, you can sign up for yoga classes and many more.


Learn something new

There can be a kind of loneliness in the way that we think. If we think we are the only people who think the way we do, we fall into a state of loneliness in our minds. Step out a little and learn something new. It gives you something to connect to, weather it be podcasts, books, movies, or even taking classes. When we built a sense of community around something you are able to learn from, you get a sense of excitement and inspiration. Learning something new and building a community around it is a great way to self-care.



We all have those days when we don’t get out 8 hours of beauty sleep in. for some of us, we never do. Take the time and effort to stay away from any type of distractions. Sleep is such an important part in self-care. Social media and Netflix are not helping you sleep, the light from your devices keep your brain awake as you are over stimulating your mind. Get some essential oils, my favorite is lavender, and diffuse it into you room. Essential oils are a great way to relax your mind and drift off into slumber land.


Take care of yourself now.

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