Wake up. Shower. Make up. Hair. Argue with wardrobe. Race out door. Grab coffee. Meeting. Meeting. Meeting. Work. Stop for lunch. Check emails. Make phone calls. Rush. Meet deadlines. 5.30pm.


Remove corporate shield. Climb three levels on Swanston Street to Urban Yoga. Roll out mat. Get ready.

It’s time to breathe. 

Stretch, om and listen to the temple bells as you send your focus inwards and leave the day – and everything else – behind. This is time for you. And you only.

Remove to-do lists, stress, bosses, deadlines, arguments, ego, judgement, competitiveness, calamity, pressure and negative self talk.

Replace with strength, acceptance, abundance, peace and calm over an hour of yoga.

Enjoy a delicious, vegetarian meal.

Float home. 

If there’s one thing you can do for yourself in the week to take away any negative energy and influence a positive state of mind, body and soul, this is it. Urban soul time with yoga and a meal in the heart of the city. Utterly sublime.

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Find out more here. Far removed from the madness of Swanston Street

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