Should I exercise in the morning or in the evening? Guess what? It doesn’t really matter….to a certain extent. What’s important is really listening to your body and doing what works for you. Personally, we love morning workouts because it puts you in a great mood for the rest of the day.

So give it a try, vary up your routine! Here are 5 benefits of working out in the mornings AND in the evenings.

Yaaaawwwnnnn .. Morning workouts!

  1. It’ll perk you up for the rest of the day and you’ll be high off that endorphin rush!
  2. You don’t have to fight for a spot in class for most of the morning classes.
  3. You can go and grab an awesome breakfast after your morning work out… because you deserve it.
  4. It is way more cooling in the morning (and possibly less humid too).
  5. Waking up early means sleeping early, which means a healthy, happy sleep cycle!

The Evening Endorphin Rush

  1. Your energy levels to start off with will be much higher as you’ve had the whole day to “warm up” and fill yourself up with food and water.
  2. The likelihood of sustaining injuries is lower because your body is already “warmed up”.
  3. It feels so good to work out and release all of that stress after a long work day!
  4. You won’t feel so guilty having a hearty dinner after a good workout session.
  5. You don’t have to rush through your workout and you can really enjoy it!

Convinced yet? KFit has over hundreds of classes available at any time of the day. Check out our Schedule page for more information on what’s available near you!


By Sarah Voon

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