Having a great relationship with colleagues both at work and after is important for anyone’s job satisfaction. There’s nothing worse than having to face people you don’t like everyday…

So many people find that bonding with their colleagues is an essential experience while working. Of course, most people go out for drinks or a meal with their colleagues. But if you’re searching for a fitter, leaner body, maybe you might want to consider giving nachos and beers a miss. Instead, bring your colleague for a workout!

Here are 7 really great team-building workouts and activities to try with your colleagues:

1. Badminton

You don’t need a large group to participate in this activity. All you need is a partner, two rackets and a shuttlecock and you’re ready to go! It’s a great way of bonding as well as burning off those calories!


2. Escape rooms

You’re locked in a room full of puzzles. A timer is slowly ticking the seconds away. You need patience and wits to get you out of there. What better way to solve this problem than with a colleague. Surely if you can get out of there with the help of your colleague, you can be sure to count on them at work too.


3. Social dance classes

Dancing is always a good way to de-stress. Social dancing is an even better way! You will have to cooperate with your colleague as a dance partner to get those moves right and it still gives you time to talk and bond with each other.

Beautiful couple in active ballroom dance, indoors

4. Bootcamp

Bootcamp may be really tough for beginners but from my experience of doing bootcamp with colleagues, there isn’t a better way to bond than to suffer it out on the field together. You’ll have great stories of sore, aching muscles to share the next day at work!322480

5. Rock-climbing

This is one activity that requires a high level of trust as you allow your partner to belay you from great heights. You’ll see your trust levels with your colleagues skyrocket after trying this activity together!

active young woman on rock wall in sport center

6. Yoga

Zen out with your colleague after a long, stressful day of work with a hatha or vinyasa flow class. Since yoga is also a spiritual experience for some, you might end up having a deeper understanding of your colleagues afterward.

An image of some people doing yoga exercises

 7. Muay Thai

It may be off-putting for some to spar with their colleagues, but sparring actually requires a lot of trust too. You have to trust that your colleague knows what he is doing and that he can control his movements so he doesn’t hurt you.

mma fighter performing a counter attack from a kick

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