You may not know this but your workout clothes reveal quite a bit (in some cases reveals too much) about you.

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Taylor Swift going incognito heading into Ballet Bodies studio but she can’t fool the paparazzi (Credit:

1. The All Blacks

You play it safe. No, you don’t play rugby for New Zealand but your modus operandi is in black. It says that you don’t have time to mix and match and you can’t go wrong with a basic colour. It is also pretty convenient just wearing black and stay hidden from the instructor. Besides no one will really notice that you pretty much wear the same outfit for each class.

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Passé or not it’s how you pull off the look (Credit:

2. Animal Prints

You’re self motivated. We all have our inner wild side and perhaps you like to wear animal prints so you can unleash the beast in class. Instead of blending into your urban surroundings the animal prints make you stand out. Cheetah prints are pretty much passé and latest trend in print is reptilian. The less wild version of you wears camouflage prints which is pretty popular among folk who like a challenge.

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3. Neon so bright

You’re the leader of the pack. You’re most likely taking up the front seats in spin class either that or you’re one of the instructors. You like classes which are loud, high paced and involves a lot of screaming. Your neon tights are a good distraction for your compatriots who are going through a torturous session with you.

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It’s ok if you’re a pole dancer but we wouldn’t recommend wearing this for your KFIT outdoor bootcamp (Credit:

4. Are you even wearing anything?

You’re comfortable in your own skin. It really doesn’t matter if what you’re wearing is too small for you or if you’re showing way too much skin. Your philosophy is, “if you’ve got it you better flaunt it.” Some may argue whether you’ve got it in the first place but you don’t care about what others think.

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If it says spiritual it must be good for the earth (Credit:

5. Clothes that save the earth

You’re conscientious about the planet. You choose activewear brands that are made from bamboo fibre or recycled water bottles and who contribute part of their profits to charity. You believe in saving the planet. Either that or you are buying into the next marketing trend and you end up buying more than you need, which in the long run, doesn’t really help save the planet.

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I got my retro headband!

6. Retro

You workout to 80’s music. Flashdance was your inspiration and you secretly wish that leotards are still in vogue but you get by instead with a retro headband. Maybe you haven’t bought anything new since the 80’s and you are just showing your age.

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Finisher tees never have your sense of style in mind. They are ugly but it means so much (Credit:

7. Finisher Tees

You’re hardcore. You wear finisher tees to workout, to the movies, and on a first date. Proudly displaying the races you have partaken in. Receiving a finisher tee used to be rare, for those who suffered much for their sport but now they give out finisher tees even for the Hello Kitty run. Nonetheless you are proud of your achievements. Even if the finisher tee doesn’t match your tights you wear them as a badge of honour.

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This might have looked good when you were 10kgs lighter and 10 years younger. Time to get some new clothes!

8. I’ve had this since I don’t know

You can’t be bothered. You scoff, “What’s this athleisure trend?” Why do people spend so much money to wear clothes they are going to sweat and destroy in? You’re the pragmatic sort. You wear gym gear people buy for you during Christmas or you receive as a finisher tee (See above). You rock up in your favourite t-shirt and your boyfriend’s shorts to work out.

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