Body combat has grown tremendously in terms of popularity and is offered at many gyms across the world today. It is a workout inspired from mixed martial arts, with punches, kicks and other techniques drawn from multiple disciplines to create an energetic fitness regime that is tough, but fun. Here are several reasons why you should take it up!

1. Tones several key muscle groups
As the workout draws from several fighting techniques, naturally it will work key muscle groups in your upper body, lower body, arms and legs. As you do more sessions regularly, you will find that your muscles gradually get toned over time.

Your glutes are muscles too! (pic from

2. You burn approximately 740 calories in a regular 50-minute session
This fact cannot be overstated enough. That’s a lot of calories that gets burnt off in less than 1 hour, making it a perfect workout for those looking to shed a bit of excess weight. You will see the difference for yourself after a few sessions, as the excess fat gets replaced by muscle.

You can now burn off calories safely, without sacrificing your food in the process! (pic from

3. Reduces the risk of heart disease
Body combat is intensive and will definitely give your heart a proper workout. This not only ensures that your heart stays healthy, it also reduces the risk of potential heart disease in the future!

Body combat works your heart to keep it in tip-top condition (pic from

4. Builds up your endurance
50 minutes is no joke, and you will be constantly moving the whole time as you mimic the moves of your instructor. As a result, your stamina will increase tremendously, which means you will be more energetic throughout the day and not tire as easily.

5. Improves your coordination and balance
Ever tripped over yourself when walking? That’s probably not going to happen a whole lot more. As you are on your feet mimicking combat moves during the class, your body coordination and balance will naturally improve. You will also find that you become more agile, as the moves become easier and easier to do.

No longer will you have to subject yourself to dangerous balance training… (pic from

6. It’s a group class
And as with any group activity, it may get competitive. Who wants to be outdone by the elderly lady who seems to be way fitter than she should be?! Being in a group can push you to strive for greater heights, which can only be a good thing for your fitness levels.

The type of competition that group classes can foster (pic from

7. It never gets stale
Every 3 months, a new programme is designed and put together, ensuring your workouts are always varied. This means that you won’t get bored, and you will continue to find new ways to push your limits, accompanied by brand new moves to learn and tracks to get you pumped up!

Never gets old, literally! (pic from

Find and book the best Body Combat classes in your city!

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Anytime Fitness ( Solaris)

Synergy Fitness ( Taman Serdang Perdana)


Core Energy Studio (Mohamed Sultan Road)


Millennium Health Club  (Charmhaven)

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