After hearing about the awesome KFIT Popup sessions throughout Australia I was super excited to find out that they had launched their very first Popup bootcamp in Auckland!

Led by the team at Shape in the City, the express bootcamp was a killer sunny day and was run in the idyllic setting of the Auckland Domain.  There’s something very refreshing about working out on the green in the fresh air amongst nature. An awesome excuse excuse to get away from my desk for an hour in the middle of the day and also score a free lunch! How good is that! The workout was setup to suit everyone! Kfitters were all smiling , had a good sense of humour with an openness to support and share with others. The session put on by the girls at Shape in the City was fun but still demanding, strategically structured and result based. There was a bunch of kettlebell work, station work and ended with an ab circuit.

Airwheels and Kangoo Jumps popped down and surprised us with a really cool demo of their products which we were able to try on to bounce and wheel around the park.And it didn’t end there! MuscleChow fed the masses with their healthy and extremely yummy chicken, rice and veg dishes as well as much needed post workout hit of RedBull.

Really can’t wait for the next Auckland Popup Event as I will be there rain, hail or shine! To me this is one of the most interactive, value FULL  and fun classes to the KFIT platform, you get the best of everything!

KFit’s Biggest Fan!



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