If you are the sort of person who never wants to push that little bit more or put that extra little bit of weight on the bar for your last set because you don’t want to be sore the next day or are afraid of failure, I’m afraid to say it but you aren’t going to get any stronger. It is this self-talk that holds most people back from realising their true potential and reaching the goals they have set themselves.

If your goal is to get stronger, it doesn’t matter what body part or movement it is that you’re training, if you aren’t struggling to surpass the weights or reps you have previously lifted then you will never get stronger. Whether you’re training for speed and power using lower reps or training higher reps for muscle hypertrophy and building muscle size, each time you pull yourself under that barbell your goal should be to struggle to lift that weight you have never lifted before or push for one rep more than you have previously done.

If you never take yourself out of your comfort zone or strive to lift more weight or push for one more rep in that last set then you are not going to break through previous boundaries or exceed your limits and expectations. There will be days where you physically or mentally just can’t get that last rep or that extra weight up. This doesn’t matter in the long term what does matter is how you respond in these situations. The ordinary person will make excuses as to why they didn’t or why they couldn’t whereas a true champion will use these little defeats or setbacks as speed bumps on their way to reaching their goals.

The question you need to ask yourself is “Am I willing to push myself to struggle both physically and mentally to reach my strength goals?”

If your answer is yes then what are you waiting for…….

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