The Super Body, Super Brain (SBSB) programme is still fairly new in Malaysia, with what was possibly its first ever session taking place on 11 November at Fitness in Progress (FIP) studio in Cheras.

Agnes Lee is the fully certified Master Trainer for SBSB in Malaysia and was taught by the creator of the full body workout – Michael Gonzalez-Wallace himself. Her studio has 10 certified instructors in total.

Michael explains the workout to be a combination of strength, coordination and balance. But that is a very vague statement so I decided to join in on an SBSB class to get a taste of what it really is. (You can spot me in the extreme right corner dressed in all black.)

I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. But I was told that this workout could easily be done by people of any fitness level, size or age.

We were advised to put on shoes, after which we were equipped with a set of 1kg Dumbbells (lighter options available), an exercise mat and a rubber ball. Each class goes on for about an hour.

We started off with some stretches accompanied by fast paced music to get the body warmed up. Then we started running on the spot while carrying our dumbbells, which Agnes calls “tapping”.

Then we started doing exercises that combined strength, coordination and balance. For example, one of the exercises was doing alternate bicep curls while squatting. Later on. We were asked to repeat the same exercise but with our heels lifted off the ground, which required a great deal of balance. Then, we were asked to go one step further by closing our eyes. This proved to be a challenge for me. And we were only doing Level 1 *cries*.

But these are exercises that work the brain as well as the body, as taught by Michael. One would need deep concentration to get the movements right, maintain a good posture as well as balance (something I clearly don’t have!).

The second part of the programme involved getting a partner to work with. First, we had to simply high-five our partners while tapping on the spot, which eventually becoming jumping, and then we had to do that with an eye shut then both eyes shut. I had to try my best not to high-five my partner in the face. But after a few rounds of envisioning where my partner’s hands would be with my eyes closed, it became an easy groove to follow.

Another exercise included jumping while throwing a ball at my partner with one eye closed. Through these exercises, I discovered that closing my left eye was a lot easier than my right. Every time I closed my right eye, I would end up dropping the ball.

 The ball was not pleased.

But that is the idea of the SBSB programme – to challenge your coordination, to identify your weaknesses and focus on improving that. The best part of this workout is that you are the one pushing your brain to do the work while the exercises naturally workout the body.

After a full hour of doing these exercises, my Apple Watch showed that I had burnt 387 calories. But I expected that I would end up burning more because of the after workout burn effect from strength training.

The SBSB programme is currently being offered at FIP in Cheras on Wednesday evenings at 8:30pm. Agnes from FIP says that the 15 min ‘SBSB HIIT’ (High Intensity Interval Training) session for the busy bees is now launched and can be experienced as part of your KFit class.

Book your Super Body Super Brain class with Fitness In Progress through KFit today!

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