Self-myofascial release (SMR) or commonly known as foam rolling is a technique used to release tensed muscles by targeting specific points of the body. This practice leads to increased mobility and thus better performance. You too can now enjoy the benefits of foam rolling at Optimum Performance Studio, Hong Kong. Find out more about their foam rolling class below:

OPS Mobility (1)

What is the name of the class ?

“OPS Mobility30″, methods used in this class include foam rolling, dynamic stretching and stabilisation work. 

1. Mechanics

This 30 minute class at OPS will teach you how to use certain tools (i.e. foam roller & TP massage balls) to improve the movement of your body.  Mats, foam rollers and towels are provided for this class.

2. Benefits

The top benefits of the “OPS Mobility30 class” include alleviation of chronic muscle tension, minimized pain, enhanced range of motion and stability; therefore enabling your body to recover faster from exercise or injury.

3. Age Limit

There is no age limit for joining the OPS Mobility30 class !

4. Any complimentary workout or stretching to follow?

Stretching after a mobility session is pretty common and does the mind good, what we don’t realize is that some foam rolling exercises when done correctly before dynamic exercises can actually enhance performance.

5. Recommended frequency

Everyday.  Mobility work should not be taxing to your system and may be varied to pair with your activities for the day.

To try foam rolling book your class at Optimum Performance Studio now !

To find out more about the Ops 30 Mobility class trainer Wayne, click here.

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